Boiler Installations

Is it time you upgraded your heating system with a new High Efficency Condensing Boiler?

Many of the old boilers in use today vary in efficiency from 78% for a 10 year old combi, to as low as 50% for a 30 year old cast iron boiler. That means that depending on the type and age of your current boiler you could be wasting up to 50p in every £1 you spend on gas. With energy prices seemlying ever increasing, how long can you afford to go on wasting this money?!

All new boilers installed today (with the very, very rare exception of exempt properties) have to be High Efficiency Condensing boilers. A Condensing boiler will be sedbuk rated A and have an efficiency of 90%+, meaning a potential gas saving of 40%. This extra efficiency is generated by taking the heat from the waste gases leaving the boiler chimney for the atmosphere. So not only are you saving money but your doing your bit for the environment too! 

When fitting a new Condensing Boiler it is important to ensure that the existing heating system is configured correctly to allow the boiler to work at its optimum. This can mean that older systems need to be upgraded with small changes to pipework and some components.

One associated aspect of fitting a Condensing Boiler that many people will have heard about is the "plumeing" effect and the condensate waste generated. The "plume" from the chimney/flue of the boiler, is a result of the gases leaving the boiler being cooler than with a standard boiler. Potential nauisence issues need to be considered when siting the new boilers chinmey/flue. The condensate waste will need to be terminated at either a drain or preferrably an internal waste/soil stack. Many problems were encountered in the early years of condensing boilers due to freezing condensate pipes, but this issue can be easily avoided with carefully consideration to termination. 

With government legislation now demanding that new appliance installations meet current energy efficiency laws, there are many things to consider prior to replacing your existing boiler. Providing these laws are met the owner of the new boiler will recieve a certificate of building regulations compliance which can be important in the future eg. selling the property, insurance renewal etc. 

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